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Sanjay Guha is a tea sommelier based in the UK. For forty years, he has sourced tea from tea plantations around the world to create boutique blends to match the palates of individual regions and marketplaces. Sanjay’s knowledge of tea extends from working on the ground in tea plantations around the world to working at a high level in marketing and sales in some of the world’s leading tea companies including Liptons, Parry Agro, Texuna International, the Maharajah Group (Sri Lanka) and the Duncan Macneill Group (The Assam Company).

Sanjay now combines his knowledge of the science of tea planting, his expertise of tea demographics and his experience in management to consult with companies worldwide on business development, retail and brand management. Currently, he has been appointed an International Honeybush Tea Ambassador for the Langkloof Honeybush Company.

For Sanjay's latest article on the future of tea, published in World Tea News, read more here.

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