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Consultancy Services

Sanjay can offer creative solutions to tea related challenges, from choosing brand names to developing recipes for a new blend. He can also offer support to startup tea businesses. He has experience of pairing tea with Indian food for the leading London restaurant, Chor Bizarre. Having travelled to over 100 countries, Sanjay is familiar with various customer choices and preferences. He can also advise plantations to manufacture teas suited to the markets they are addressing. 


Sanjay can offer both short and long-term strategies to turn around both plantations and retail businesses.

Specialist services for startup tea businesses


  • A one stop shop: from developing blend recipes, brand names, marketing formats to packaging options.


For tea producers

  • Guiding them to produce tea suitable for new markets they are addressing and introducing the teas to key buyers.


For hotels and high-end restaurants 


  • Creating special recipes, holding tea-tasting sessions and pairing teas with food to design bespoke menus.

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