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Peter Inchcape | The Earl of Inchcape UK


I have known Sanjay for over 15 years. He has been responsible for bringing new customers to the Duncan Macneill Group, giving personalised service to all the clients and has travelled to over 100 countries, trying to understand customer tastes and creating recipes suitable for each client. He has been the driving force of the company, steering its marketing and sales policy, as well as supervising the quality profiles of all tea estates of the Assam Company. He is polite, hardworking and a gentleman.

Keith Writer | Taylors of Harrogate UK


I have worked closely with Sanjay for over 15 years at a time that has seen unprecedented volume growth. During this time Sanjay has demonstrated an excellent understanding of our wide ranging needs and anticipated our quality requirements providing a very personalised level of service that has allowed our business relationship to flourish at any number of levels.


James Norwood Pratt | Tea Author USA


Sanjay Guha has been a highly respected figure in the Indian tea trade for decades in a series of highly responsible positions. He has travelled, lived and worked in most countries where tea is grown and where it is consumed. As a result of this extensive international experience, his knowledge of customer preferences around the world is probably unequalled and certainly unsurpassed.


Franz Thiele | Thiele and Freese Germany


I have worked with Sanjay for many years and value his extensive knowledge and expertise in tea—from the tea bush to the marketing and delivery of the ready made product. I have experienced him as a very trustful and reliable person and I highly respect his humaness.

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