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Devan Shah | International Tea Importers  | USA


I have known Sanjay for over 15 years and have looked up to him for all his tea knowledge, including manufacturing, tasting, marketing and selling. He has the knowledge that very few people in the tea industry have today. Marketing and selling tea on an international level where one is dealing with various countries requires an impeccable reputation—and Sanjay has it. He has proven this with his vast experience in selling Assam Company teas to international buyers based in various EU countries and the UK. His dedication to the industry as a whole is very admirable.


Edward Foster | Thompson Lloyd and Ewart Ltd  UK


I have known Sanjay Guha well for the last 25 years. Throughout this time, we have been in regular contact and enjoyed both a strong commercial and personal relationship. Sanjay has amassed a vast wealth of tea knowledge across the whole spectrum of the trade—from tea bush to cup. He has travelled as widely as anybody I know within the industry and has gained an almost unique perspective of the commodity. His clear thinking, focus and commitment to what he believes means that he is always one of the first people we turn to if we want a bit of advice or just to hear the voice of reason. 


Donatello Vocca | GEI | Italy


I had the chance to follow some business in India and the UK with Sanjay and it was a waypoint in my career: it was like having a personal trainer for a full immersion in the course 'understanding business to make it profitable'. He was simply perfect in every moment of the deal, always fair to the partners and honest with everybody.


Marcus Wulf | Schroeder and Hamann | Germany


Sanjay Guha has been working in the tea industry for many decades. This is a long period and this kind of an experience is extremely rare. It has been very educational and a pelasure to have known and dealt with him over many years. Feeding off his vast knowledge, not only about tea, has been an invigorating exercise for us. 


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